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Recorded Webinar: The 2017 State of SMB Cybersecurity

About The Webinar

View the recording to see Keeper Security, the Ponemon Institute, and Small Biz Daily present a special webinar about how to protect your small or mid-sized business from a cyber attack.

By viewing the webinar, you'll get exclusive access to research from the 2017 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report and concrete recommendations on the most effective ways to safeguard your business from being hacked. We also share comparisons between the 2017 and 2016 SMB Cybersecurity Reports to explain alarming trends and insights that you need to know.

View the webinar to learn actionable best practices and trends including:

The single greatest cyber threat your SMB faces right now.
How much a security breach could cost your business.

Simple solutions to protect your company, customers and employees.
Tips on how to create and manage secure BYOD & IoT policies.

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Webinar Hosts

Rieva Lesonsky, prolific editor of Small Biz Daily and CEO of GrowBiz Media.




Dr. Larry Ponemon, Ph.D., Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute.

Darren Guccione, CEO of Keeper Security, the world's leading password manager and secure digital vault.

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